Don’t be blindsided.

Protect your staff, business and home users from online security threats and inappropriate content with DNS Filtering

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 organisation Small to Medium Business, or home user, our DNS Filtering Service provides Enterprise grade protection and filtering for everyone.

Protect your organization or home from infections before they happen.

Content Filtering

  • Stop your users from viewing inappropriate or undesirable content, such as adult web sites and streaming media.
  • Turn on and off categories from a easy to use web administration portal.
  • You can even enforce Google SafeSearch, YouTube restricted modes, and filtering avoidance domains so nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Make your Internet facing work force more productive and focused on the job.
Security Threat Protection
Protect your users from phishing, malware, ransomware and more using our cloud based DNS service.
Powered by Artificial Intelligence
An industry first content filtering service providing real-time domain analysis, meaning we protect you from more threats.
Custom Policies per Network
Allows up to 7 different policies using a single egress IP address. This facilitates separate content filtering and/or threat protection policies for different segments of your network, such as guest Wi-Fi, server farms, staff BYOD, and executive devices.
DNS over TLS
Supporting DNS-over-TLS, which, if utilized in endpoint software or a DNS forwarder, encrypts all DNS packets to our DNS servers for privacy and security



Made for Business

JAFLAC’s DNS Filter is a completely cloud based replacement for your business’s web filtering appliance. We provide all of the benefits of an appliance and unlimited scalability. However, we are able to do this at a lower cost, in only five minutes. As more offices are connecting directly to the internet as opposed to corporate intranets and backhaul circuits, JAFLAC’s DNS Filter is an ideal way to get insight into the threats targeting your users and the type of traffic coming from each office location.

Manage Bandwidth

By implementing a DNS Filter on your network, you can control which categories or domains your users can access. This level of control allows you to block bandwidth intensive sites such as streaming media, peer to peer, file sharing or even access to copy written content. In addition to protecting network devices and users, DNSFilter allows you to free up valuable bandwidth to keep your business operating at lightning speed

Infinitely Scalable

JAFLAC’s DNS Filter is able to secure and filter many thousands of devices instantly via a deployment process that takes less than five minutes. Thanks to our extensive global anycast network, there are no site specific settings to be concerned with – simply apply our DNS resolvers at all of your locations and you’re done!